15:40-16:20: Adapting records management to AI, adapting AI to records management

15:30 - 16:30

AI for records management is not going to land in our laps. Records management is about making decisions on the fate of content, such as how long it will be kept and who can (and cannot access it).

At the current moment in time:

  • Large language models are available as a utility.  They can understand and manipulate human language, but they are not designed for decision-making.  
  • Tech giants Microsoft and Google are in a prime position to inject AI into their cloud suites but will do so to improve end-user productivity. They will regard decisions on
  • The fate of content as firmly in the domain of the tenant and are (rightly) unlikely to deploy AI that changes access or retention rules on content.

This presentation articulates a vision of the types of AI models that would be useful in cloud suites such as Microsoft 365 to support tenant decision-making on the fate of content. It also offers a vision of how tenant organisations can best adapt and simplify records management retention policies to adapt to both the nature of cloud suites such as Microsoft 365 and the current state of AI capabilities.